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About Tova Saul, Tour Guide for Israel Unleashed

       After growing up in Pittsburgh, PA, getting an MSW in Baltimore, and working with troubled adolescents in Maryland, I came to Jerusalem as the first stop on an open-ended world trip.  I unexpectedly felt at home, learned a lot more about Judaism, decided to stay, and became a licensed Israel tour guide.

Therefore, I get to do one of my favorite things----  connecting people to Israel's inspiring, fun, and often life-changing experiences.  In Israel there is a dizzying kaleidoscope of possible encounters----with magnificent wilderness reserves, boundless creativity in every subject and in every nook of the country, various spiritual experiences, and virtually each Israeli has at least one passionate opinion about everything.  For example, in just 5 square desert miles are:

an excavation of a Herodian mountain fortress;

a young couple living in a large Mongolian tent that they built;

a many-chambered cave in a magnificent canyon;

an innovative school for kids who left home either because they are from a religious family and don't want to be religious, or from a non-religious family and they want to be religious;

the tiny factory of a man who has just invented how to compress the country's tons of olive press waste into environmentally-friendly "charcoal" for heating;

an audio-visual show on a kibbutz about how a few isolated defenders there faced the onslaught of the Jordanian Legion in 1948;

a family who dug under their house to make a small winery and found a vertical 2000 year old Roman pillar supporting the house.

Since Israel is much more than 5 square miles (about 9000 total), it is no exaggeration to say that it offers bundles of intense activities and experiences no matter where you go........and I get to introduce people to them.

How do animals fit into all this?  My love for animals became apparent by age 2.    I toddled out the door, was returned by passersby, and was asked by my mother where I was going.  "Mike" I answered, who was the dog I had met the day before.  It wasn't long before I kept discovering both the many wonders of the animal world and the waking nightmares humans inflict on them.  This has morphed into my becoming a well-known animal-rescuer in Jerusalem. 

Tova Saul


Telephone:  001 (972) 50 761 2109



Free clinic for West Bank equines

About Keshet:

The Center for Educational Tourism in Israel

Keshet's clientele is made up of synagogue, community, school and camp-related groups, as well as family groups organized by private individuals. We cater to the identified Jew who, regardless of political affiliation, wants to support and connect with Israel.

We are pleased to now also offer programs to include Christian and interfaith missions.

Our programs aim to intellectually challenge, spark curiosity, and edify - always at the level of group interest. Our clients are full partners in the magic that envelops the Keshet tour experience in encountering the people, land and history of Israel.

Keshet:  The Center for Educational Tourism in Israel

Telephone: (972) 2 6713518  Fax: (972) 2 6713624




Steve Zerobnick, tour operator for Israel Unleashed

Steve Zerobnick is the founder and director of ISI and Shovalim Tours and Travel which merged with Keshet in September, 2008. As a Jewish historian, educator, and tour guide licensed by the Israel Tourism Ministry, Steve's unique approach to touring Israel has made the country, its history, culture and people come alive for thousands of visitors for the past 23 years. He has crafted specialized tours which became memorable and transformational experiences for clients of all ages, denominations and backgrounds. Steve is a runner and avid biker, which encouraged him to develop and implement the concept of fund-raising bike rides with tours of Israel. A native of Denver, Colorado, Steve made aliyah in 1980. He lives in Jerusalem with his wife, Rebeca and their four children.


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