Welcome to Israel Unleashed!

     "Israel Unleashed" blends a love of animals, the Land of Israel, and explorations into Judaism.  It is a fine balance of uplifting animal-related projects, popular tourist sites, exquisite nature trails, meeting Israel’s leading domestic animal and wildlife advocates, and several upbeat Jewish experiences,

    For a clearer description, have a peek at the itinerary page.

    Many animal lovers have a trip to Israel on their “to-do” list. People who have a deep love and concern for animals share a common understanding of animal-related ideas, experiences, and feelings.  This common denominator often strongly connects  them together, across differences in politics, religions, and ages.    Hence, they can be a joyfully cohesive group as they experience Israel together.

     The trip will be led by a licensed Israeli tour guide and committed animal rescuer.  The several evening speakers are world leaders in their fields.  And the places you'll see and the things you'll do........ outstanding in every way!

     We are now accepting applicants for our June 3-June 13, 2012 group tour.


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